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an early christmas for kyle

December 23, 2008

so last night cb & i exchanged prezzies… it was a killer night for me, quite the haul…

for starters he got me an ice cream scoop – hey, i needed one. 

then he got me a remote control docking unit for my ipods (score #1!)


then he got me this:





ok, thing 1; i needed an oven mitt – i didn’t have one after i moved and cb has been making fun of me ever since when i use a towel or something else inappropriate to get stuff out of the oven, but really, leave it to cb to find the most disturbing oven mitt ever created.  and in pink no less!  i didn’t think it was possible to have something look like a penis, a vagina and an alien all at the same time (it is important to note, one of the selling points [as described on the packaging] for the mitt is that is ribbed [it does not however say if it’s for his or her pleasure]).  oh, and yea, i know i look huge in this pic.  you don’t need to tell me.  ugg.  perhaps the ice cream scoop was a bad idea.

but the creme del a creme was this:


he replaced my garmin gps that was stolen last week.  how fuckin’ cool is that?!

thanks cb – helluva good start to the holliday’s.