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holiday favorites

December 21, 2008

ok, to prove i’m not a total grinch when it comes to the holidays (the girls in the office just laugh at me when i go on my no-christmas music tirades) – here a couple of numbers that always get me in the mood:

band aid  – do they know it’s christmas

holly cole – christmas blues

white christmas – movie

you’re a mean one mr. grinch – i had too (hehehe)

and to think that i saw it on university avenue* (or, adventures with biff the iphone)

August 29, 2008

i wonder if he needs me to give him a sponge bath? (fyi, he was much cuter in person and less of a mouth breather than this picture makes him appear)

oh how i wish you really see what she was wearing – the bling on her phone is nothing compared to the bling on her shirt – those are horses by the way painted on, and each horses’ eye is a rhinestone – and their saddles featured rhinestones too.  she never once got off the phone while the cashier was ringing her up.  and had the most white trash southern accent ever.

i think the guy in the orange shirt was cruising me big time in the targhetto on university ave.  he was hot from the front too.  if only i had done something about it.

and so it begins.  please buddha give me strength to not go postal while mcsame and his croneys (now featuruing a woman! as a blatent ploy to get the hillary-junkies on his side) invade my fair city.

happy labor day weekend ya’ll.

*apologies to dr. suess for stealing ‘and to think that i saw it on mulberry street“.  remind me to tell you all about the time i re-wrote the suess classic as an absurdest play for a script writing class in college.