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new flickr meme

December 3, 2008

stolen from erik, so essentially i’m tagging/meme’ing myself. 

the rules – go to your flickr -> go to your 6th page -> post the 6th pic on the 6th page:


sunset over marina del rey in california.  taken october, 2008

i tag: jason, 42, cheapblueguitar, tugboat and sally!  get to it kids

i nominate…

October 31, 2008

…..william jefferson clinton for king of america. 

last night i went to a political rally for barack obama & al franken – the highlight, Vice President Walter Mondale & President Clinton!  

let me just say that i love bill.  i don’t frankly care two craps about what happened with the monica-gate thing (that should have been a private batter betwix the clinton family).  President Clinton is, was and will always be one of the best Presidents of the modern era.  with that said, and with this being my blog and all – anyone choosing to flame bill in the comments, will be deleted.  it’s my party folks.

anywho, off my soap box – the rally was really interesting – lots of speakers from the mn house & senate + our rep’s from the us house and senator amy klobuchar.  veep Mondale was a bit of a surprise.  it was wild seeing him speak.  


 a kid waiting patiently reading his book about the presidents.

i was lucky enough to be about 20-25′ away from the stage and dead center.

the view behind me.  the speakers from the stage said there were about 5000 “real americans” there (ok, i added the bit about “real americans”).

the man! Vice President Walter Mondale.

this is actually my favorite shot of the night – senator amy klobuchar in a see of obama + franken = change signs.  i like amy.  i voted for her.  but never paid her much attention until last night.  her speech was electrifying and powerful.  a class act.

a girl in front of me in the crown.  nice shirt.

firefighters for obama/biden.  woof.  the short one was smokin’ hot (pun intended).

President Clinton and al franken make their entrance.

“it is an honor to have President Clinton joining us today. under his administration, we created jobs because our government understood that the middle class is the engine of our economy. with barack obama in the white house, i’ll work with amy klobuchar in the senate to make sure that we get back to focusing on the middle class again.”

“the change we need starts with electing barack obama president of the united states. but it’s not complete unless barack has a senate he can rely on to work with him, instead of just blocking his agenda — and that means we need to pull together and elect al franken. al understands that you grow the economy by investing in the middle class and putting working people first. and he’ll work with President Obama to make that happen.”

i love this dudes shirt “hopemonger”

here’s a quick vid i shot of President Clinton:


the first snaps

October 19, 2008

last week, cb and i popped around st paul and played with my new camera…. here are some of the choice results.  thoughts?

this was the site outside my apartment the night i got the camera – as part of the st paul art crawl, there were some fire dancers/jugglers performing on the street next to my building.  this shot was taken from my apartment 5 stories up while the dancers were about a block and a half away.  nice zoom eh?

the warren e. burger federal building in st paul is under renovation.  as a public service message, it’s important to note – apparently you are not allowed to take pictures of the warren e. burger federal building.  if you do, a rather hot young security guard/rent-a-cop will come out and yell at you and demand to see what’s on your camera.

i am a huge fan of “lines” – much of my shots from milan were of the cable car lines.  i’ve always loved how lines can cut an image, criss cross and create movement and direction.  this shot is a detail of the scaffolding outside the burger building.

these two shots are from kellogg mall on the banks of the mississippi.  love the arbor.  love the color.  love the view of the st. paul union pacific vertical-lift rail bridge.  fun fact, the lift bridge is one of only three vertical lift bridges along the mississippi river.

st paul is the birthplace/childhood home of charles shultz.  as such, the city is swimming with bronze statues of the peanuts gang.  here’s peppermint pattie with her lesbian life partner marcie.  woodstock is hanging out too.

here’s cb molesting lucy and schroeder.  disgusting pervert.

and here is another shot of cb.  he is one needy bitch.  kept begging me to take his “senior portrait”  i got your senior portrait right here.  if you ask me he looks more like one of those gym teachers we all had in school that were rumoured to exchange grades for blowjobs.

my new baby

October 11, 2008

introducing nate, aka my new sony dsc-n10:

in’he pretty?  we are going to have some good times, that’s for sure!

my alaska

August 9, 2008

tonight, in between watching the olympics, while i was looking for a piece of music i need for an event this fall (dario-g’s ‘sunchyme‘) – i found a stack of old data disks with crap loads of old pictures i’d forgotten about – including photos from the inaugural alaska aids vaccine ride* i participated in back in 2000.

aavr was the first ever vaccine ride, a cousin to the nationwide network of aids rides that crossed the country in the 90’s – early 00’s. say what you will about the company that organized them, but the truth remains, more money was raised quicker than any charity in history for hiv/aids related causes around the country.

so, with all due respect to cb and his alaska trip, i present some of my favorite shots from my alaska journey (sorry bout the quality, this was pre-digital from the disposable era of cameras):



snow on tent! on and aids ride!!!  brrrrr

snow on tent! on and aids ride!!! brrrrr

camping on a glacier.  fun!

camping on a glacier. fun!

sunrise over camp

sunrise over camp

side note, this is the day after the above snow pic – i was wearing shorts at this point.

another sunrise.

another sunrise



(note: this was at about 11pm)

another sunset

another sunset



day 5 sunset - what can i say, it's all about the vistas/sunsets

day 5 sunset - what can i say, it's all about the vistas/sunsets

kyle with a big pipe(line)

kyle with a big pipe(line)

kyle closeup

kyle blurry closeup - i think i look best when a little blurry, don't you?

*i do not know the person who posted about the ride on this site, but there is scant information on the innagural aavr on the web.

new header “exit through you”

July 27, 2008

this one is titled “exit through you (click here to get find an audio sample)” and features a lyric from the peter gabriel / joseph arthur / big blue ball track of the same name: “it feels like rigor mortis, but it tastes like bubble gum“.  i take this to be about love.  ahh love.  or lust.  or fuck, pick an emotion – any emotion.  sometimes they can be confining and claustrophobic as hell, but oh – oh, they taste good in the moment don’t they?   the eternal dichotomy.

now, don’t get all excited and think that i’ve found love, or lust.  i haven’t.  i was just struck by the truth in the lyric.

the photograph was actually taken yesterday.  it’s a detail of a pic taken at the marjorie mcneely conservatory here at como zoo.  note the orange koi in the upper corner.  it was feeding time.   i imagine love is a lot like what a fish feels out of water.  suffocating hell.  <grin>

here’s the full pic:

exit through you or... suffocating love.

exit through you or... suffocating love.

(click to embiggan)

about the header

May 26, 2008

hey there.

how are you?  how was your memorial day holiday?  good i hope.  🙂

ok, onto business.  

i get a fair number of compliments about the photography i post here on strange relationship (not bad for a crappy point and shoot eh?).  i’m deeply humbled whenever someone says they like one of my pics – it blows my mind really.  imagine what i could do with a real camera!

a great number of the images that have been seen in my header are shots i’ve taken.  i thought i might create a new page here on the ol’ blog that talks specifically about the header and the inspiration for the piece.  

so beginning today, there’s a new page up above called “about the header” (original eh?) where you can read about the shot used.  the current header is called “guthrie panorama” – click on the tab and check it out, along with the inspiration.