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way fuckin cool….

September 30, 2008

….especially if your an audio/video geek.

this a photo of the lighting controls for the grand ballroom in the park hyatt hotel in philly.

the event i’m producing (you remember, it’s called wild about widgets) is being held in this ballroom (fun fact, hillary clinton had her party in this room when she won pennsylvania). at the site visit the other day I asked “where are the lighting controls”? they took me into a whole other room and showed me this. wozers.

turns out thomas edison himself designed and installed it. when the property finally replaces it (or it finally conks out) it will be given to the edison museum. oh and this is only about half of it!


vintage; a new feature at strange relationship

June 11, 2008

hey kids,

keep the “caption this” comments coming – they are quite entertaining. 

in the meantime, may i present a brand new feature here at your humble blog, “vintage”.  vintage will be all about looking back in time at those that came before us.  iconic images (like today’s), or just a fluffy remembrance of something quirky from our/my past.

today, i present you with a studly vintage marlon brando:

i have never seen the above pic of mr. brando, but i couldn’t help but post it.  (it does look a bit like a vintage version of a modern day manhunt or pic with the pants so casually opened and showing a peek of the tighty whities).  i must admit i have a soft spot for mr. brando, he simply can’t be touched in a streetcar named desire or on the waterfront. 

and yea, he kinda just oozes sex too.  too bad he evolved into a giant mumu wearing freak – oh to go back and just lock him into this “look”…