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tina fey – brilliant. sarah palin – not.

October 25, 2008

“i like to think i’m 1 part practiced-folksy, 1 part sassy and a little dash of high school-bitchy”



October 2, 2008

don’t be a douchnozzle, watch this video (yes, this means you cb).

*hattip to hello, my name is sam


September 18, 2008

relax your neck!

September 1, 2008

i love’s me some m.cho!  and the world (or at least the gay blogosphere) seems to love some jay brannen… (who’s lost on me – until this video):



“…even your jockstrap…”

August 20, 2008


August 13, 2008

my life has come to this.

a youtube about living with a cat*.

yes, yes, my work life is mad busy – but, just the same.  damn.

if the video were not completely 100% spot on, (i swear the film maker channeled parker) i wouldn’t post it.

need a diversion.  a diversion that looks like this.  but since, that isn’t happening anytime soon, i’ll just unwind by watching a youtube about a cat.

join me?

*stolen from evilganome

July 24, 2008

i love this lil’ guy