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happy birthday morris

December 13, 2008

morris day.  51.  my how that makes me feel old.

jerk out

jungle love


today in music – the duke spirit

December 12, 2008

i can’t wait for tonight – i’m going to check out the duke spirit at the fine line music cafe in minneapolis.  they’re opening for mercury rev (who knew they were still around?).  i really dig the band – they’re like a modern version of velvet underground and nico (with a bit of sonic youth mixed in).  

check ’em out:

the step and the walk


i don’t really do the resolution thing, but in ’09, i really do want to see more live music.  i gotta work on that

flashback – for cb

October 13, 2008

jane child

don’t want to fall in love




*cb’s favorite’s, the pussycat dolls have apparently covered this tune on thier new cd.  wonder how it sounds?

“your life is my sport”

July 9, 2008

fuck. yea.

the real video.  finally released.  the full track.  better than i could have hoped.  this is what music in the 21st century should sound like.  raw.  liquid.  hard.  wet.  sleek. 

grace.fucking.jones.  corporate cannibal:

((side note, who is singing backing?  she’s the perfect counterpoint to grace’s venom))

bearforce1; shake that thing

June 20, 2008

ok, it took me a while, but i’m finally jumping on the bearforce1 band wagon.  well maybe jumping on is the wrong phrase, but i finally kinda sorta dig one of their songs.  ‘shake that thing’ is their new track and it’s way retro – and the video is way camp.  but it’s fun.

p.s., i’ll be unavailable until sometime sunday night.  hope ya’ll have a good weekend.

i got zip.

May 20, 2008

kinda been in a funk the last few days… bunch of stuff circling around, just out of reach.

so then, no pithy insights.  no boring “day in the life”.  just eh. 



so until i either figure the fuck out of where my heads at, or i’m sparked by divine inspiration, i give you the amazing mates of state’s version of that horrible phantom planet theme song to ‘the o.c.’ – “california”:

((ignore the visuals, just listen to the amazing music))

the shit – music edition

April 28, 2008

ahh the tremendous power of music.  every now and then i’m reminded that music truly is universal and can transcend language. 

a new acquaintance sent me a link to the you tube video for the italian singer raffaella destafeno’s tune “domani”. 

this tune has grabbed me big time (at least until tomorrow when both madonna and portishead’s new disks come out, hehehe).  check it out – it’s a slamming tune… great grove and catchy as all get out 

p.s., home from dc.  my work thing went really well.  i’m pleased.  it’s the end of the season for me – no more travel until mid-september.  don’t know what i will be doing with myself… lol