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my all-time most favorite holiday tv special ever in the history of the world (thus far)

December 23, 2008

opus & bill the cat in their epic holiday show ‘a wish for wings that work’

surely the only holiday special to utter the lines: “you also have a rubbish can up to your nether regions“, “they replaced his brains with tator tots“, “excuse me, is this crossdressing cockroaches in crisis?” and “you’re going to steal my clothes and leave me naked outside albuquerque.”  brilliant i say.

and featuring cameos by robin williams (the kiwi) and dustin hoffman (the aforementioned cockroach) – this is the one holiday special i look forward to watching every year, and the one that puts a perpetual smile on my face the entire time i’m watching….

enjoy perfection:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

role models vs. zack & miri + pixar’s “up”

November 17, 2008


now i’m a huge kevin smith fan.  and let the record state that i loved the flick zack & miri make a porno.  really really loved it.  that said the new paul rudd flick role models kicks zack’s ass.  majorly.

as good as zack & miri was, role models is hands down the funnier movie.  actually, it’s the funniest movie i’ve seen in a long time.  yes, it’s crass, and juvenile- but it’s also really, really funny, touchfelt & full of heart. 

danny (paul rudd): “pick us up in two hours.”
ronnie (bobb’e j. thompson): “fuck you, miss daisy.”

seriously, i urge you to check it out… you won’t be disappointed.  seann william scott is actually endearing… the kids are incredible.  elizabeth banks is the new amy adams.  jane lynch is classic as always & paul – well, words can’t describe how much i love me some paul rudd.


(p.s., this pic is not from the movie.  it’s just a naked paul rudd.  the world can always use more naked paul rudd)

completely unrelated – here’s the trailer to next summer’s pixar blockbuster “up“.  looks cool to me: