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tattooed beefy (daddy) hunk du jour

December 2, 2008


ok, so he’s not quite beefy, but he is a daddy – and a rockstar!  chris from foo fighters.  nice half sleeve.


stolen from just a dude, how could i not?



does he need a partner in crime?



tattooed beefy hunk du jour – maxime fuuq

November 18, 2008


words can not do this man justice.  nor can they begin to describe what i would do to him if given the chance.

tattooed beefy hunk du jour – the lax edition

October 20, 2008

of to la for:

a) more work

b) amoeba shopping*

c) more tattoo work

in the meantime, enjoy:

*it’s better than sex really


tattooed beefy hunk du jour – rugby edition

October 17, 2008

following in the footsteps of nick youngquest, i present a fellow rugby player – daniel conn:


stolen from the big bad blog

tattooed beefy hunk du jour – hotlanta* edition

October 13, 2008

ooh, look – it’s a monday.  time to get on a plane.

in the meantime, enjoy the beef.

(i am dying to see his ink from the proper angles….)

*is there a dumber nickname for a city than hotlanta?

tattooed beefy hunk du jour – the freak edition

October 6, 2008

hey kids.

if it is monday, i must be at the airport.  i’m off to boston today.  (having breakfast at that same chili’s from a couple of weeks ago – hopefully hottie manager will be there again).

here’s today’s lot of hunky inked guys.  i have a feeling some of this ink will freak some of ya’ll out.  just deal.  there’s something sexy about all of ’em:

tattooed beefy hunk du jour

September 28, 2008

i’ve decided that i want to look like this guy when i grow up.