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December 19, 2008


love him or loath him, you have to give it to prince – he’s nearly always interesting.  yesterday 5 brand new tracks  made their debut, 4 of ’em on steve jones (ex-sex pistols) radio show in los angeles.  click the above drawing to go to the website to check out the new tunes.  for my money, the best is the song ‘colonized mind’ – bluesy and rockin’.



when albums mattered… or how prince’s ‘controversy’ changed my life.

August 22, 2008

a) this man is fucking brilliant.  i want him to marry me.  if only he were gay.  and in st. paul.  le sigh.  watch this then continue reading below:

b) the year was 1984.  i was 14.  the film purple rain had just been released.  i wasn’t a prince fan at the time (cb, you can pull yourself up off the floor), but my cousin insisted that i see the movie (i still owe her a huge debt).  we got my mom’s permission and we trucked out to a suburban minneapolis theater to see the flick. 

i. was. blown. away. 

(side story, of course, i wasn’t old enough to see the movie and the movie theater wasn’t too keen about letting me see it.  on the fly, my cousin concocted this story that she and i were brother and sister and our parents were in an accident and that she was my legal guardian.  too funny)

after the movie, my mom had to stop at target for something and i begged her to buy me the soundtrack to purple rain.  when i got home, i positively consumed that record.  that was the real beginning of my love affair with music.

a few weeks later, with money burning a hole in my pocket, i walked the mile or two to my local great american music store to see what they had to be seen (or rather heard).  it was the first time i remember specifically going to a record store to buy music. 

this too became a life long love affair with record stores.  to this day, i dig going into them, smelling the musty cardboard sleeves, flipping the stacks of plastic cd security jackets just waiting to find that next prize.  (i also have a pretty uncanny way of remembering each trip to a record store when buying new prince music.  it’s kinda fucked up).

at the store i found the vinyl to prince’s 4th record, 1981’s ‘controversy’.


i remember ripping the cellophane off the album the minute i was out the door and eagerly reading every word of the liner notes (oh to have had one of those kick-ass boom boxes that played vinyl).  as soon as i got home i put the vinyl on the record player and kicked back and got lost in princes’ minimalistic funk (with bits of disco, agit-pop and electro-rockabilly [!] thrown in).  this record changed the way i looked at music.  sure i still liked the pop-fluff that was on the radio, but controversy challenged me with sounds i had (until that point) not heard. 

the idea of mixing blatant sexuality, political overtones, and pure pop bliss was an interesting notion, but at the time confused me.  how could the guy who name-checked the lord’s prayer in the title track, and then shouted out that he wanted to “jack u off” be the devout christian he proclaimed to be (boy would i be even more surprised when i discovered siouxsie’s blistering take on the prayer a year or so later)?  this really confounded my-until-then un-challenged lutheran upbringing.  purple rain’s notorious nikki has nothin’ on the salacious cast of characters on this album. 

this was the beginning of understanding who i was as a person.  and controversy helped me to question beliefs and ways that i hadn’t even known i could question.

the power of music eh?

imagine being a deeply closeted 14 year-old in 1984 and hearing the lyrics:

“i just can’t believe all the things people say (controversy) / am i black or white? am i straight or gay? (controversy)”


“i said life is just a game, we’re all just the same”

blew my socks off let me tell ya.

and then there was the music.  i simply had never heard music like this before – blistering funk.  gorgeous piano ballads that dripped sex.  this is the shit i tell ya.  god bless the funk.  it was the simple things like the keyboard hit in the middle of the lords prayer, or the chugging guitar track in annie christian that really caught my ear.  fuck’in a – this is butt shakin’ music.  to this day if i hear the track “let’s work” i do a chair dance.

so you may ask, “what the fuck does this half to do with ill doctrine’s video up above” – it’s simple really.  i don’t think the “kids” today get the experience that i had with music.  the experience just isn’t the same.  discovering music on myspace, instead of in the stacks at a record store.  damn, that’s depressing.   

and i feel sad for them on that front.

finding the lp at the store, learning every musical note (whilememorizing every liner note), plugging in the monster headphones we all had in the 80’s into the hi-fi, or hanging out with your friends in your bedroom with loads of vinyl records and cassettes strewn around the room – well that’s an experience that simply can’t be duplicated today. 

technology ain’t all it’s always cracked up to be.

to quote the lil’ guy again:

“don’t let your children watch television until they know how 2 read / or else all they’ll know how 2 do is cuss, fight and breed” prince – sexuality 




p.s., don’t even get me started on the album artwork – that’s a whole other rant.



August 4, 2008

fuckin’ cool.  and it’s one of my all time favorite tunes. 


big props to brian for helping me format the fucking stupid daily motion thing that wouldn’t work until he fixed it.

happy birthday….

August 2, 2008

mr. christian apollonia (49)!*

apollonia 6 album cover
apollonia 6 album cover
*i fully own my prince (and all things prince world related, such as the amazing apollonia 6)-geekhood.