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way fuckin cool….

September 30, 2008

….especially if your an audio/video geek.

this a photo of the lighting controls for the grand ballroom in the park hyatt hotel in philly.

the event i’m producing (you remember, it’s called wild about widgets) is being held in this ballroom (fun fact, hillary clinton had her party in this room when she won pennsylvania). at the site visit the other day I asked “where are the lighting controls”? they took me into a whole other room and showed me this. wozers.

turns out thomas edison himself designed and installed it. when the property finally replaces it (or it finally conks out) it will be given to the edison museum. oh and this is only about half of it!

monday morning parker

August 11, 2008

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pic o’ the day

July 24, 2008
sunset over cathedral of st. paul
sunset over cathedral of st. paul

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the cathedral of st. paul at sunset.  taken with biff the iphone.  it’s nights like this, i wish i had my other camera with me.  le sigh.

fyi. the building to the right of the dome is xcel energy center, where the republi-nuts will have their convention in 6 weeks.   mcsame and his zombies will be crawling all over my fair city.   pray for me.  (or send me vodka, email me for my address).

picture of the day; spectacular sky

June 21, 2008

i know i said i was gone for a few days, but luck of the draw – i have the interweb.  shot this tonight with the iphone known as biff:

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