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the wishlist works people!

November 26, 2008

use the wishlist.  make your friend kyle very happy!!!

so on monday i got a box from amazon at work – and thought “wtf?”… popped it open and i had a gift wrapped book – in fact this book:


this lovely tome is all about my favorite painter, mark rothko and was a thoughtful belated apartment-warming gift from my chicago homies ray & jeremy.  let me state for the record, ray & jeremy are the shit.  the mother-fucking-shit.  thanks guys.  it’s a beautiful book!!!!

so this proves that the wishlist works.  and makes me happy.  so therefore, you should all visit it and buy me stuff.  i’d buy you stuff if you had a wishlist on your blogs!!*

i understand that wishlists can get stale and boring for you, my beautiful readers – so i’ve taken the liberty of updating it for you so it remains fresh.  check it out now (and frequently!)

one of the new additions – the new neil gaimen book.  and look, there’s even a trailer for the new book.  check it out:



*presuming of course, that a) i think you’re sexy b) you are deserving c) and that i like you enough, which of course i do (except one or two of you)

that time of year

November 19, 2008

you love me right?  or at least you dig me?  well in that case, it’s time to pony up and get me a prezzie.  after all, i deserve it don’t i?

if you look over to the right, at the tippy top of the sidebar, you’ll see a nifty lil’ wishlist button.

go ahead and click it.  you know you want to.  when you do, you’ll be magically transported to a list of things that would make me awful happy (for you big spenders, you should re-order the list by priority…, but really all of these would make me giddy as a school boy).

thank you in advance for whatever you get me – i just know i will lovvvvvvvvvvveeeee it!


i’m a lumberjack, and i’m okay.

November 16, 2008
  • leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of british columbia.
  • the giant redwood.
  • the larch.
  • the fir!
  • the mighty scots pine!
  • the lofty flowering cherry!
  • the plucky little apsen!
  • the limping roo tree of tigeria.
  • the towering wattle of aldershot!
  • the maidenhead weeping water plant!
  • the naughty leicestershire flashing oak!
  • the flatulent elm of west ruislip!
  • the quercus maximus bamber gascoigni!
  • the epigillus!
  • the barter hughius greenus!
  • with my best buddy by my side, we’d sing! sing! sing!
    i’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay.
    i sleep all night and i work all day.


boredom begets self portraits – the hotel edition

October 17, 2008

hotels can be ever so boring.  but the ritz carlton robes are ever so comfy.

tattooed beefy hunk du jour – the freak edition

October 6, 2008

hey kids.

if it is monday, i must be at the airport.  i’m off to boston today.  (having breakfast at that same chili’s from a couple of weeks ago – hopefully hottie manager will be there again).

here’s today’s lot of hunky inked guys.  i have a feeling some of this ink will freak some of ya’ll out.  just deal.  there’s something sexy about all of ’em:

destroy everything you touch

October 5, 2008


i have good nights.  and bad nights.

mostly good nights.

but tonight.  tonight=bad.

this sums up my feelings well.

no rest for the wicked

September 21, 2008

in prep for the big widget show, i have hardly travelled at all this summer – to put it this way, i’ve been going stark raving stir-crazy.  i like living out of suitcases and staying in hotels (let’s face it, it ain’t all bad when your staying at the likes of the apex city hotel london, ritz-carlton marina del rey or the hotel palomar in dallas) and generally playing in other cities. 

every fall, i produce a travelling sales meeting for the retail division of the great widget company.  it has a cutesy name that cb likes to make fun of (as most of our events do); wild about widgets*.  when i sat down with the vice president of retail back in january to start working on waw08, we knew the big widget show was coming and decided it wouldn’t be so bad to do waw08 6 days after the big show.


seriously.  i’ve barely caught up on sleep from the big show, and now i have to produce 5 meetings.  granted, i’ve been working on them for the better part of the summer – but lets face it, they’ve taken a back seat to the big show – so i’ve been scrambling a bit this week.  i just finished the music for the meeting earlier today – and just finished creating a video an hour ago.

nothin’ like waitin’ till the last minute – eh?

so, tomorrow morning, i’m off to dallas (hotel palomar – here i come.  i love kimpton properties.  they’re the best of the best). 

anyone wanna show me around on my tuesday night off?


this week it’s dallas (home late wednesday night), then over the course of the following 4 weeks i’ll be in philadelphia, boston, atlanta and los angeles.

bit of fun planned in boston with rg & company no doubt – and in la, i’m gettin’ inked.  other than that, not to much planned in the other cities.

ought to be fun tho’ – i can’t wait to get on that plane tomorrow.

more from dallas.

*not it’s real name