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suggestion for a fellow blogger.

December 2, 2008

dear rg,

i read on your blog that you are in search of a new tattoo for your “lower back/buttocks” (hehehe you said buttocks).  with that in mind, may i suggest the following art?  i think either would suit you well.

yours in tattoo’s,




or perhaps this one:



me. reflected.

August 28, 2008

for those of you who have ink, ever forget you have it?

i did. just today, totally forgot I had the sleeve. here was the view in my mirror as i drove home.

boredom begets self portraits part 3

June 14, 2008

continuing in the great tradition of a bored kyle on a saturday night – here are more self portraits of varying success.  i still feel pretty crappy – it’s been a hard week… ugg.  lol

without further adieu, the 6-14-08 installment of “bbsp” also known as the plaid edition:

tattoo update

June 9, 2008

hey folks,

i’m sicker than a dog, so just a brief note – had a session today with my tattoo artist to begin finishing my sleeve.  for those that haven’t been with me for the entire saga, my left arm is a sleeve based in buddhist and asian imagery.  half way through the process, he up and moves to los angeles, so it’s been slow going. he flys back a couple of times a year to finish me and a couple other guys large pieces.  we’re so close to being done i can taste it.

my relationship with trevor is such that i don’t really have a plan for the finish of the piece, neither does he – i sit in the chair, we chat a bit, then he goes to work – i trust him completely.  today was one of those days where we had no real plan; we through a couple of ideas around, talked to the other guys in the shop (steady tattoo) – we landed on a cool buddha “vision” appearing out of the clouds above mt fuji.

what you see below is the buddha…. it will actually heal lighter.  i’m really happy with his totally zen expression.  when we are done it will actually look like it’s emerging from the clouds.  way cool.

hoping to get one more session with him before he leaves on friday.

thoughts (and let’s ignore the lack of a “gunshow” shall we?)?

beef. it’s what’s for dinner.

May 24, 2008

willfully stolen from life is a sexually transmitted disease:

inked inc.

May 5, 2008

hey all – anyone out there know about (ning stands for anything)? it’s a cool place where anyone can create an “online community” ala myspace.  anywho – there’s a community for people into ink (aka tattoos). how cool is that?

so, i’ve become a member of a group called inked inc. – it’s a place for people with ink, ink admirers or the curious.

so if you fall into any of the above categories – come check it (and me) out.  to see my page – click on the graphic: