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afraid of bears.

May 29, 2008

sorry for all the video’s as of late – it’s about all i have…. i’ve got a post brewing in my head about relationships, friendships and what not – but it’s still percolating.  so until i have something interesting to say, i’ll let others do it for me. 

with that said, i don’t know why this guy is so afraid of bears.  lol.  he’s pretty hunky if you ask me:

a) i have opposable thumbs

b) i can open a door

c) i would never shoot this guy.  he’s too cute.

you could fuck’a me later, but you should fuck’a me now…

May 27, 2008

****update. found it on youtube, so you can watch it here instead of going to 

hat tip to the sean show for posting this first.  one of the funniest thing’s i’ve seen in a long long time.  and for the record, this is decidedly nsfw.

p.s., the bartender is hot as hell.