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flashback friday – violent femmes

September 12, 2008

gone daddy gone, your love is gone.

i love me some 1982-low budget-video fun:

flashback friday; bananarama’s ‘cruel summer’

July 25, 2008

flashback friday – abba

July 18, 2008

to get the taste of the poo that is pierce brosnan singing out of my mouth, i had to seek out the originas:

and to really get the taste out of my mouth – a lil’ bit of priscilla:

much better.

flashback friday; mellencamp – rain on the scarecrow

July 4, 2008

fitting for this fourth of july.  take a moment and think about the folks that are not doing so good today.  to everyone else out there; have a safe holiday. 

remember, the most patriotic thing you can do is voice your opinion.

flashback friday; kim carnes’ bette davis eyes

June 13, 2008

fun facts, the director of this video, russell mulcahy, also directed the highlander movie series as well as teh first 5 episodes of queer as folk.

p.s., bet’cha your going to have that “slap slap” sound in your head all day now.


flashback friday; the time ‘jungle love’

June 6, 2008

to quote jay from the movie jay & silent bob strike back: “you don’t know “jungle love?” that shit is the mad notes. written by god herself and sent down to the greatest band in the world: the mother-fucking time.”

oo wee ooo weee ooh 

flashback friday; scandal feat. patty smyth – the warrior

May 23, 2008