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dear disney.

November 18, 2008

dear disney,

do not fuck up my childhood.  i have fond memories of this movie and i don’t want them to become shit.  i’ll give you this, the trailer looks good – so don’t fuck it up.



kevin smith is god

September 5, 2008

i know where i’ll be october 31.  how ’bout you?

so nsfw:

burn after reading. righteous kill.

August 3, 2008



pitt – clooney – malkovich.

hell yea!:

oh, yea, my homeboys joel and ethan too.  looks like a great farce.


de niro.


scenery, prepared be chewed up and spit out.  even bigger hell yea!

half-blood prince.

July 30, 2008

here it is, the official trailer for the new harry potter film – book six.  harry potter & the half-blood prince.

i am psyched for this movie – by far the darkest of the books – it looks freaking awesome.  november 21 can’t come soon enough for me.

the dark knight.

July 18, 2008

two words: fucking great! 

seriously this is a terrific movie.  it’s dark.  and real.  and heath ledger gives an amazing performance. 

christopher nolan has done it again.   high points:  christian bale (still f’ing hot).  maggie gyllenhaal stepping into katie holmes shoes (umm… katie who?  maggie is excellent) and gary oldman as gordon – can’t beat him. 

loved this flick.

quantum of solace – trailer

July 14, 2008

he may not be beefy.

he may not be inked.

but, oh my god – daniel craig is hot as fuck. 

(oh, and the movie looks kick ass too)

the shit; wall-e

July 1, 2008

so way back in december i first talked about the upcoming pixar flick ‘wall-e‘ – well world domination wasn’t so far off – over $75m.  not bad for a non-holiday weekend.

cb and i saw the flick on saturday – he wrote about it here(you can also see cb in a leather harness if you’re so interested/intrigued).

you can read reviews all over the place… reviews that use words and paragraphs and such.  i will be much more succinct:

the. movie. rocks.

simply put, one of the most beautiful, touching films i’ve seen in a long long time.  highly recommended.