the fuckers….

took my ashtray and cig lighter too…. seriously? wtf?

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5 Comments on “the fuckers….”

  1. Chris Says:

    Sorry I really needed to spark up and couldn’t ash in the street.

  2. Kezza Says:

    A cigarette lighter and ash tray are big business these days, of course it all depends what you drive but I know you can be up for a couple of hundred Aussie dollars to replace them.

    I still say you got out of this lightly though. I once had a car broken into and the bastards smashed the hell out of my dash trying to get the radio out, in the end they left it behind, the funny thing is though if they had lifted and then pulled it would’ve come stright out. They also tried to steal the bodykit off it too, by gouging it off with a screwdriver, as you can imagine that wasn’t terribly successful either.

  3. jimsmuse Says:

    I feel for you! As I’ve been following your posts and Tweets, I keep reliving the Burglary of ’88 in my mind. Stupid bastards broke into my apt in Brooklyn, NY, stole my two VCRs, but then to top it off took the remotes for the CD Player and TV that they DIDN’T steal.

    I’m just glad those assmunching thieves didn’t get your sense of humor along with your ashtray! Hang in there!

  4. cb Says:

    The same kind of sick bitchez who would steal ice cube trays out of a fridge.

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