i’m done.

stop the world, i want to get off.  

as if i wasn’t crabby enough already – i’m generally displeased with the state of the universe this week as it is… i’m feeling a bit taken for granted for, work is mind-numbingly boring right now, and the holidays always depress the fuck out of me – on top of all that, my car was broken into last night.  (it does make me feel a bit better that other cars in my garage were also broken into – share the pain, i always say).

nothing that wasn’t replaceable (with a lil’ work), but still…. the fuckers.  

list of stolen goods (as near as i can remember:

  • cd’s.  nothing i can’t get again, but there were some hard to find stuff such as the grace jones record i’m always talking about, a uk only robbie williams and a bunch of other stuff that meant a lot to me.
  • my gps.  yes, i know it shouldn’t have been in my car.  how many of you actually take yours out every night?  yea, i thought so.  at least it was hidden.  not well enough, but i wasn’t dumb enough to leave it out in the open.
  • my iphone cigarette lighter charger.  those fuckers ain’t cheap.  
  • a set of computer speakers (fairly expensive) that i use for work stuff
  • my favorite sunglasses
  • my roadside emergency kit
  • my garage door opener (ooh yay, they can get into the building without breaking a door now).
  • my mothers garage door opener (good luck finding her house you bastards)
  • some christmas presents that were in the trunk from a shopping trip yesterday afternoon.   fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 

on the plus side they left me some things too:

  • a pair of umbro shorts and a dirty t-shirt
  • a pair of womens underwear
  • a crowbar

luckily the car wasn’t damaged.  but just the same i want to crawl under a blanket and ignore the world for a few years.

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17 Comments on “i’m done.”

  1. sn0tty Says:

    I’m so sorry this happened–it really sucks. But think of it as an opportunity to make a list of things you’re *grateful* for (you know how much I endorse THOSE) and continually quote from Party Girl, all. week. long.

    Whenever I’m down, and need a lil’ silly, I re-create the Party Girl scene where she’s “baking” in the kitchen and singing that stupid NYA NYA NYAAAAA NANANA NYAAA NYA NYA NYA NYAAAAAAA song and dancing around like a fake Moroccan.

  2. J James Says:

    Who the fuck steals someones roadside emergency kit?! That’s fucking low. Too low.

    My condolences, friend.

    I say we track the bastards down and force them to watch pirated DVD copies of “Who’s the Boss?: The Complete First Season” while we electrocute their testicles.

  3. Jeni Says:

    Well, that’s just despicable. If it help’s, put Timo on the job of replacing your cds. That boy can find rare cds like nobody’s business!

    I am sending good thoughts your way to get your over the holiday slumps (I agree! I just want 2008 to be over with already)

  4. Kevin Says:

    That’s awful. My car was violated once, too. they only took cd’s and i remember being so angry. i can’t imagine having so much stuff taken.

    at least you still have your panties. “There’s a story there.”

  5. Donnie Says:

    Well that sucks donkey balls big time – sorry to hear that – and so close to Christmas, too! I hope they get caught!

  6. Cb Says:

    It royally sux. I know. Wish I knew what to say to get you out of your funk

  7. chuck Says:

    robbery sucks. my jeep has been broken into twice, and my house robbed a few times. it just leaves you feeling yuck. and try cleaning fingerprint dust up. NEVER wipe it with something wet. EVER.

  8. YvesPaul Says:

    I’m so sorry about that. Hope you feel better.

  9. Jason Says:

    Sorry to hear that bud. Nothing equals the feeling of being violated.

    Those material things can be replaced. Luckily there was no damage to your car.

    Women’s panties? Please explain.

  10. sammy25 Says:

    Sorry to hear about the luck. I’m thinking about you. Just think we are almost to the weekend! Sorry again 😦

  11. Kezza Says:

    What a pain in the arse. I can only hope those fuckers who did it end up cold and miserable, suffering from the clap in a gutter somewhere. You just know they’ll get caught some day and end up being someones bitch (hopefully everyones bitch) in jail. Take some consolation in that thought at least!

  12. Chris Says:

    Sorry you got ripped off, but at least you got a new toy with those panties…

  13. Ray Says:

    Umbros…wow…that’s ….ummm…nice. We’ll come up and kick their ass for ya:)

  14. Karma will come back around.

  15. They’re probably qualifying for a Darwin award right now.

  16. Jeff Says:

    FUCKERS. That really really sucks. Few things feel more violating than getting your car or home busted into. Sorry to hear it.

  17. CJ Says:

    That’s a pisser. Don’t let the bastards bring you down. Isn’t it frigid up your way? I thought crime dropped dramitcally in the cold weather. Fuck em and feed em fish heads for Christmas.

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