new flickr meme

stolen from erik, so essentially i’m tagging/meme’ing myself. 

the rules – go to your flickr -> go to your 6th page -> post the 6th pic on the 6th page:


sunset over marina del rey in california.  taken october, 2008

i tag: jason, 42, cheapblueguitar, tugboat and sally!  get to it kids

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7 Comments on “new flickr meme”

  1. Sally Tomato Says:

    Ach! I can’t. I only have two pages of stuff. Besides, I’m sad because I got laid off. So pity me. PITY ME!

  2. Brian Says:

    Very nice photo!

  3. Jason Says:

    Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you tagged me 😉

    Great photo there shutterbug! I love the shapes/shadows the boats created.

  4. […] Sorry Kyle. I didn’t realize I was tagged for this Flickr meme. I know, I know, if I read you more regularly… Anyways, the rules for this meme is to post […]

  5. 42 Says:

    Heh, almost missed it.

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