suggestion for a fellow blogger.

dear rg,

i read on your blog that you are in search of a new tattoo for your “lower back/buttocks” (hehehe you said buttocks).  with that in mind, may i suggest the following art?  i think either would suit you well.

yours in tattoo’s,




or perhaps this one:


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8 Comments on “suggestion for a fellow blogger.”

  1. Number one, definitely number one.

  2. Will Says:

    That was me–how did “A lovely cusp to be on” get in there?

  3. I think I prefer Erik’s version… still… flames coming out of the ass has bad connotations for me.

  4. Kezza Says:

    Is it so wrong that I prefer the pac-man option? maybe thats just my inner geek!

  5. RG Says:

    Oh, you are just the worst kind of person. 😉

  6. Why is the second ass as flat as my dining room table? It’s like a Spongebob Squarepants ass. But I’m a Pac-Man fan, so that’s what I’d go with, if Zelda wasn’t an option.

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