the wishlist works people!

use the wishlist.  make your friend kyle very happy!!!

so on monday i got a box from amazon at work – and thought “wtf?”… popped it open and i had a gift wrapped book – in fact this book:


this lovely tome is all about my favorite painter, mark rothko and was a thoughtful belated apartment-warming gift from my chicago homies ray & jeremy.  let me state for the record, ray & jeremy are the shit.  the mother-fucking-shit.  thanks guys.  it’s a beautiful book!!!!

so this proves that the wishlist works.  and makes me happy.  so therefore, you should all visit it and buy me stuff.  i’d buy you stuff if you had a wishlist on your blogs!!*

i understand that wishlists can get stale and boring for you, my beautiful readers – so i’ve taken the liberty of updating it for you so it remains fresh.  check it out now (and frequently!)

one of the new additions – the new neil gaimen book.  and look, there’s even a trailer for the new book.  check it out:



*presuming of course, that a) i think you’re sexy b) you are deserving c) and that i like you enough, which of course i do (except one or two of you)

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10 Comments on “the wishlist works people!”

  1. cb Says:

    Isnt there a whole room of rothko’s at the Tate in London?

  2. Dutchimport Says:

    Rothko is absolutely my favorite painter as well! I have a friend who has one at her house and I feel so priveledged to be seeing that painting in a private house from so close by! I need to get that book you got!

  3. rjjs8878 Says:

    Rothko is one of my favorite painters too. The last time I was at the SF MOMA there were several very impressive pieces on display. What a master!

  4. Kelly Stern Says:

    Hope you had a great turkey day!

  5. RG Says:

    You didn’t get the fleshlight I sent you yet?

  6. libhomo Says:

    I love Rothko.

    I have to admit that I don’t have the balls to put a wish list on my blog.

  7. jimmy Says:

    I just recently discovered Rothko while reading more about abstract expressionism, the style that my best friend paints in. Me likey.

    Hi libhomo!

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