dear disney.

dear disney,

do not fuck up my childhood.  i have fond memories of this movie and i don’t want them to become shit.  i’ll give you this, the trailer looks good – so don’t fuck it up.



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5 Comments on “dear disney.”

  1. cb Says:

    Um… is that the ROCK??

    I don’t know about this….. although the Winnebago is a nice nod to the original

  2. jimsmuse Says:

    I too am crossing my fingers that this movie won’t suck! I loved the original!

  3. RG Says:

    I’ll go see anything that has the rock in it. It looks pretty good – I’ve never seen the original.

  4. me Says:

    i just felt a piece of my childhood die.

    i loved those movies (super cheesy as they were) and i don’t see how the friggin rock brings anything to this!

  5. T$ Says:

    if the Rock is in this…it begs to ask:

    who the hell is going to play bette davis’ part in the sequel?

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