keith olbermann; special comment on gay marriage

please watch.

please forward.


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9 Comments on “keith olbermann; special comment on gay marriage”

  1. Two things Keith neglected that need mentioning (and I am a HUGE fan of his).

    1 – It DOES affect him; tax dollars go towards the Gay Divorce Welfare program… HIS money.

    2 – We need to hear more about the damage and suffering caused when rights are denied; it’s more than “love”. Legal Hate & Cruelty is what we experience.

    Simply put – the Mormons have proved with their complete obsession with PROP 8 to be a Tax-Exempt Hate Group.

    Heterosexuals – You better wake up. Instead of pondering a cerebral concept like how gays want the “1,138 rights of marriage”, you need to educate yourselves about the CONSEQUENCES when one or more of those 1,138 rights are denied. GOOGLE “Freeheld” or “Tying the Knot”; watch the DVDs. Write it down now.

    Your laws HATE us, and we’ve had it! Yes, I did said HATE – I stand by it. Because how else can you explain these 3 realities?:

    A police woman loses her life in the line of duty; her wife of 13 years is denied all pension benefits.

    A rancher loses his husband of 22 years; his inlaws evict him and try to take the home he built and lived in with his beloved.

    A detective spends 25 years risking her own life while protecting society; she has to spend her remaining days on this earth worrying whether her earned pension will be transferred to her wife (while living with terminal cancer).

    YES, H-A-T-E. And your silence on this matter is a serious affront to our families’s safety and security. FAMILY – isn’t that a cherished concept in the U.S.A.?

    So now after decades of disinterest, some of us in the LGBTI community have AWAKENED. And we will refuse to pay one penny of income tax to the IRS until the government (i.e. – you) decide you WANT our tax dollars as EQUAL CITIZENS.

    This ain’t a vote.
    This ain’t a debate.
    This ain’t a popularity contest.

    You will PAY OUR TAXES until we have what your family ALREADY HAS; your apathy is costing you money as you read this.


  2. Jeremy Says:

    Gotta love Keith! 😉

  3. Jeremy Says:


    Refusing to pay taxes is the wrong way to go about this and encouraging the average Joe to follow your lead is dangerous. The IRS will get their money, plus penalties and interest and, trust me, that shit adds up quick! I know from past experience.

    I believe it was Melissa Etheridge who recently said she wouldn’t pay her taxes because of this issue and may the baby jebus bless her heart and raspy voice for it, but she can afford the legal fees associated with dealing with the IRS. Those who do not make millions of dollars a year, obviously, cannot.

    I’ll carry the signs and march at the protests, I’ll speak to my straight family and friends about how unjust it is, I’ll shout out when required and I’ll vote, but that’s all that I can do.

  4. Sally Tomato Says:

    Oh man, eloquence! Just when Olbermann’s on my shit list for admitting he didn’t vote, he redeems himself with this bit. Love it!

  5. culturepress Says:

    Thanks for posting this, too. Olbermann is right on. And we need to keep the fight alive.

  6. culturepress Says:

    P.S. @johnbisceglia: I don’t think you should propose evading taxes. One of my arguments for gay marriage is that we’re talking about two consenting adults–and how are they hurting anyone when they pay their taxes, are lawabiding Americans, and in no way cause harm to society. If you go around proposing that gay folks evade taxes, you’re really making yourself look bad.

  7. CJ Says:

    Olbermann blind sides me sometimes and this is one of them.

  8. Christopher Says:

    Love it…watched & forwarded!

  9. fendor Says:

    Not a big fan of Keith, but this clip got me choked up a bit.

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