the problem with…

…the traditional marriage argument against gay-marriage.

jon stewart on the subject:

“ah, yes, traditional marriage when your fife lord decides, for the purposes of increasing his workforce, that you, a pig farmer on his estate will marry one of the slop women that cleans out the castle cess-pit, (doesn’t matter which one).  so, he bribes the arch-bishop to bind you in marriage and the king, who happens to be passing through the village on his way to a witch burning, takes advantage of the right of the divine right of kings to deflower your bride.  then, you have 11 children, 3 of whom survive before dying of the plague at age 26.”


sounds like something that is true, wonderful and should be upheld based on a false sense of moral superiority and religion.



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2 Comments on “the problem with…”

  1. cb Says:

    Just like how the bible has been “altered” over time to suit Christian needs….

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