things younger than john mccain.. a sampling

with respect and props to the book by joe quint (go here and buy it), here are just a few things younger than john mccain:


zip codes


the entire state of alaska. 



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7 Comments on “things younger than john mccain.. a sampling”

  1. Chris Says:

    Why are you so mean to that nice old man who’s given his life in service to our country? Geez some people can’t be satisfied it seems!

  2. voenixrising Says:

    Doesn’t electric light and television also fall into this category?

  3. libhomo Says:

    He’s also older than the NFL, most of the countries on a world map today, and the first computer.

  4. cb Says:

    I think Ayer’s Rock is also younger…

  5. John McCain is a Good American. Now, excuse me while I go buy some penisillin 😛

  6. Jason Says:

    Isreal? Yes, it’sreal!

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