the first snaps

last week, cb and i popped around st paul and played with my new camera…. here are some of the choice results.  thoughts?

this was the site outside my apartment the night i got the camera – as part of the st paul art crawl, there were some fire dancers/jugglers performing on the street next to my building.  this shot was taken from my apartment 5 stories up while the dancers were about a block and a half away.  nice zoom eh?

the warren e. burger federal building in st paul is under renovation.  as a public service message, it’s important to note – apparently you are not allowed to take pictures of the warren e. burger federal building.  if you do, a rather hot young security guard/rent-a-cop will come out and yell at you and demand to see what’s on your camera.

i am a huge fan of “lines” – much of my shots from milan were of the cable car lines.  i’ve always loved how lines can cut an image, criss cross and create movement and direction.  this shot is a detail of the scaffolding outside the burger building.

these two shots are from kellogg mall on the banks of the mississippi.  love the arbor.  love the color.  love the view of the st. paul union pacific vertical-lift rail bridge.  fun fact, the lift bridge is one of only three vertical lift bridges along the mississippi river.

st paul is the birthplace/childhood home of charles shultz.  as such, the city is swimming with bronze statues of the peanuts gang.  here’s peppermint pattie with her lesbian life partner marcie.  woodstock is hanging out too.

here’s cb molesting lucy and schroeder.  disgusting pervert.

and here is another shot of cb.  he is one needy bitch.  kept begging me to take his “senior portrait”  i got your senior portrait right here.  if you ask me he looks more like one of those gym teachers we all had in school that were rumoured to exchange grades for blowjobs.

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7 Comments on “the first snaps”

  1. Alex Says:

    You guys are so much fun. When do we get to hang out? CB – I’m a compulsive senior picture demander as well. Maybe Kyle will take our prom picture?

  2. YvesPaul Says:

    Um… I want an “A”, professor. Nice camera though and that seems to be a great camera.

  3. Kezza Says:

    Those photos are terrific! I’m a huge fan of lines too! Of course it’d help if I had a more awesome camera but man I wish I could photograph like that!

    As for CB and the gym teacher thing, I thought I recognised him from somewhere… did he ever teach at Wanganui Park (I’m kidding)

  4. Jason Says:

    (re: snap’s).

    Great zoom, poor grammar; there’s no apostrophe on plurals! Take it off. Right now!

    And my effort with lines in is here:

  5. cb Says:

    I had to beg and BEG to get him to take my pics! Even AFTER I wedged my fat ass between lucy and schroeder!

  6. RG Says:

    Great pics! It’s fun playing with a new electronic toy!

    CB just looks like a guy who gives blow-jobs, period. 🙂

  7. Christopher Says:

    Hmmm…so that’s the face that CB makes when he’s being serviced…interesting!

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