anonymous refrigerator


  • pepsi
  • ice cream
  • poppers
  • amy’s frozen meal
interesting combo eh?  wonder who would have such an eclectic assortment in their freezer….
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15 Comments on “anonymous refrigerator”

  1. oooh, do we get to guess?

  2. Chris Says:

    I knew that Cb was having a party, but I thought he’d get more ice cream than poppers…

  3. chuck Says:

    knowing nothing about poppers…don’t they freeze? damn, i don’t even know what they are made out of.

  4. Dave Says:

    Why would you freeze your Pepsi?

  5. jimsmuse Says:

    Looks like this upstanding citizen has been paying attention to the “Emergency Party Alert System” announcements. I know where I’m going when the bombs fall… 🙂

  6. cb Says:

    Since I don’t drink Pepsi (I’m 100% Coke guy) my vote is for Kyle.

  7. YvesPaul Says:

    One of my former colleagues used to freeze her soda to make slushies. But poppers? does it make them fresher and more refreshing?

  8. Greg Says:

    Uhm, I vote for Sarah Palin, the poppers are her husbands, he needs them!

  9. timo Says:

    poppers or “video head cleaner”?

  10. scoot Says:

    vanilla ice cream? poppers? uh…

  11. U keep pepsi in your freezer?! And I’m glad to see that you have VCR head cleaner, but does anyone have a VCR anymore?

  12. libhomo Says:

    Don’t blame me. Poppers give me headaches.

  13. Jason Says:

    You freeze your poppers??

  14. CJ Says:

    What sort of unnatural things are you going to do with that Pepsi bottle after a toot of poppers? I’m just asking Kyle.

  15. RG Says:

    I know you’re waiting for me to post something snarky, but I won’t.

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