yay mom!

my mom just phoned – first you need to know she is decidedly not political.  she doesn’t follow politics and hasn’t voted in years (much to my consternation).  turns out she was watching the debate!  color me surprised.

anywho, her exact words were “who is this woman and why is she not answering the questions?”  she also said “did you notice her being snide?”

this makes me very happy.  i’m most concerned about middle of the road voters and whether they would fall for her “folksy” ways.  it makes me very happy that my mom saw through the talking points.

yay mom!

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4 Comments on “yay mom!”

  1. I’m glad your Mom didn’t fall for it either. Unfortunately, I think many became enamored with her style. My family loved her. Then again, if one were to put a pig on a pedestal, and call it a Republican, my family would love the thing.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    My mother thinks this woman is appealing and charming and has a lot of spunk and can really do some good.

    Of course, she also thinks my being gay is “just a phase” (a 35-years-and-counting phase), so there you go.

    Your mother rocks.

  3. Tony Says:

    I have yet to hear Doris’ wisdom on the matter of Sarah, but knowing my mom, she’s got something to say about her. I’m thinking whatever she has to say it won’t be very complimentary.

  4. cb Says:

    So is she gonna actually vote too?

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