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i nominate…

October 31, 2008

…..william jefferson clinton for king of america. 

last night i went to a political rally for barack obama & al franken – the highlight, Vice President Walter Mondale & President Clinton!  

let me just say that i love bill.  i don’t frankly care two craps about what happened with the monica-gate thing (that should have been a private batter betwix the clinton family).  President Clinton is, was and will always be one of the best Presidents of the modern era.  with that said, and with this being my blog and all – anyone choosing to flame bill in the comments, will be deleted.  it’s my party folks.

anywho, off my soap box – the rally was really interesting – lots of speakers from the mn house & senate + our rep’s from the us house and senator amy klobuchar.  veep Mondale was a bit of a surprise.  it was wild seeing him speak.  


 a kid waiting patiently reading his book about the presidents.

i was lucky enough to be about 20-25′ away from the stage and dead center.

the view behind me.  the speakers from the stage said there were about 5000 “real americans” there (ok, i added the bit about “real americans”).

the man! Vice President Walter Mondale.

this is actually my favorite shot of the night – senator amy klobuchar in a see of obama + franken = change signs.  i like amy.  i voted for her.  but never paid her much attention until last night.  her speech was electrifying and powerful.  a class act.

a girl in front of me in the crown.  nice shirt.

firefighters for obama/biden.  woof.  the short one was smokin’ hot (pun intended).

President Clinton and al franken make their entrance.

“it is an honor to have President Clinton joining us today. under his administration, we created jobs because our government understood that the middle class is the engine of our economy. with barack obama in the white house, i’ll work with amy klobuchar in the senate to make sure that we get back to focusing on the middle class again.”

“the change we need starts with electing barack obama president of the united states. but it’s not complete unless barack has a senate he can rely on to work with him, instead of just blocking his agenda — and that means we need to pull together and elect al franken. al understands that you grow the economy by investing in the middle class and putting working people first. and he’ll work with President Obama to make that happen.”

i love this dudes shirt “hopemonger”

here’s a quick vid i shot of President Clinton:


scary. very very scary.

October 30, 2008

i got nothing… or cb art appreciation day

October 29, 2008

seriously – i got zip.  my body has not acclimated to the coming cold yet – i’m seriously tired all.the.time. (course that could be work catching up with me too)….

so in lieu of anything else, i present some pics of cb from back in august when we visited the state fair.

i don’t think this type of “swine barn” was what he was expecting/wanting.


sarah palin and the fruit fly

October 27, 2008

from the times south africa:

Last Friday in a speech outlining how she and John McCain would aid children with special needs, Palin denounced money spent on scientific research on the fruit-fly(Drosophila melanogaster). She told her audience that good state money was being spent on this research ”in Paris, France”.  And ended her little revelation with, ”I kid you not”.

This creature was used in research to show that genes are passed on by the way of chromosomes for which Thomas Hunt Morgan was awarded a Nobel prize in 1933. And the same fly is being used for research into autism at the University of North Carolina in America. And this denouncement was in the same speech outlining aid for special needs children!

In today, the entertaining and often spot-on commentator, Christopher Hitchens concludes an opinion piece with these words:

This is what the Republican Party has done to us this year: It has placed within reach of the Oval Office a woman who is a religious fanatic and a proud, boastful ignoramus. Those who despise science and learning are not anti-elitist. They are morally and intellectually slothful people who are secretly envious of the educated and the cultured. And those who prate of spiritual warfare and demons are not just “people of faith” but theocratic bullies. On Nov. 4, anyone who cares for the Constitution has a clear duty to repudiate this wickedness and stupidity.

Also read this piece.

if the canidates were a phone…

October 26, 2008

star tribune endorses obama

October 26, 2008

the full editorial

yes, it was a mixed endorsement, but it had some interesting points.

Throughout his career, Obama has revealed an intellectual curiosity and openness to new ideas. He surrounds himself with academic experts and private-sector leaders, preferring research-based answers over partisan dogma. He seems willing to consider divergent viewpoints.


Even after a bruising campaign by two strong candidates, Obama’s optimistic message of unity endures. On Nov. 4, Americans will set a new course. In Barack Obama, they have a candidate who can inspire faith in better days to come.

now, about that norm coleman endorsment….

what a real president sounds like; defining moment

October 26, 2008