no rest for the wicked

in prep for the big widget show, i have hardly travelled at all this summer – to put it this way, i’ve been going stark raving stir-crazy.  i like living out of suitcases and staying in hotels (let’s face it, it ain’t all bad when your staying at the likes of the apex city hotel london, ritz-carlton marina del rey or the hotel palomar in dallas) and generally playing in other cities. 

every fall, i produce a travelling sales meeting for the retail division of the great widget company.  it has a cutesy name that cb likes to make fun of (as most of our events do); wild about widgets*.  when i sat down with the vice president of retail back in january to start working on waw08, we knew the big widget show was coming and decided it wouldn’t be so bad to do waw08 6 days after the big show.


seriously.  i’ve barely caught up on sleep from the big show, and now i have to produce 5 meetings.  granted, i’ve been working on them for the better part of the summer – but lets face it, they’ve taken a back seat to the big show – so i’ve been scrambling a bit this week.  i just finished the music for the meeting earlier today – and just finished creating a video an hour ago.

nothin’ like waitin’ till the last minute – eh?

so, tomorrow morning, i’m off to dallas (hotel palomar – here i come.  i love kimpton properties.  they’re the best of the best). 

anyone wanna show me around on my tuesday night off?


this week it’s dallas (home late wednesday night), then over the course of the following 4 weeks i’ll be in philadelphia, boston, atlanta and los angeles.

bit of fun planned in boston with rg & company no doubt – and in la, i’m gettin’ inked.  other than that, not to much planned in the other cities.

ought to be fun tho’ – i can’t wait to get on that plane tomorrow.

more from dallas.

*not it’s real name

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7 Comments on “no rest for the wicked”

  1. RG Says:

    Yeah, I got some fun planned for you when you hit Beantown.

  2. J James Says:

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Wha? When exactly will you be here in Atlanta?

    We must have a drink, or seven-ty!


  4. CJ Says:

    Oh man. Big D? Your just up the road. 😦

  5. YvesPaul Says:

    I feel the same way as Jeremy. Give me a shout out when you pass by Philly.

  6. cb Says:

    Oh, you know its WAY more clever than “wild about widgets”. Its more like “Wiggy for Widgets”… Ooooo! Or better… wait for it… “Wildgets”!

  7. Jeni Says:

    I am pretty sure we are going to need pictures of the Dallas Debauchery

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