please stand by

life in a strange relationship will continue approx one week from now.

the biggest event of my career is this coming sunday – monday.  and i’m positively wrecked with work.  but i love it.  every minute of it.

i don’t talk about work very often here – ’cause, well officially, i’m not supposed to talk about what i do at the big widget factory*

you see, i’m event planner for a world, renowned, eco-focused widget company.   there are approximately 5,000 people flying in from all over the world to watch a two day show intended to inspire, educate and connect the peep’s to our widget-wonderfullness. 

involved in this show are some 200 widget runway models, 10 segments featuring the creme del a creme of the widget world and an evening party at the biggest night club in minneapolis and another party at the local big white modern art museum featuring iconic pieces of widget art come to life (with nudity!).  add to that we have 10 classes where attendees can pay an extra fee for up close and personal classes with the widget masters & tours of our corporate offices.  so i’m a lil’ busy wrangling widgets this week.

when all is done and dusted next monday night, i’ll be plum tuckered out.  somebody will need to give me a massage.  any offers?

so you’ll forgive me if i’m less than attentive to the old blog – i’ve been pretty much on 15-17 hour days the past few, and they will continue a bit.

i’ll try to get an interesting pic or two along the way to share when i come back next week.



*not what we really make of course.

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9 Comments on “please stand by”

  1. That’s awesome. I hope the widget festival goes well. And that you get a very good massage afterward.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Have fun with your widget pageant!

    Btw, I happen to give a very nice massage! 😉

  3. YvesPaul Says:

    I understand success in your career may result to even less posting, but good luck!

  4. jimsmuse Says:

    Any job that involves widgets and nudity has got to be worthwhile! Good luck!

  5. Erik The Red Says:

    *raises hand to volunteer for the massage*

  6. CJ/Rick Says:

    Damn You if your working New Yorks’ Fashion Week and you didn’t get me front row seats. 😉
    Good luck! Knock em dead.

  7. cb Says:

    Heh heh… and I may or may not be SEEING the actual widgets…

  8. jimsmuse Says:

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that “Jesus Was a Capricorn” is a pretty corny country song and not all that informative.

    However, my mother had the album when I was a kid and played it about one million times in my annoyed presence. I figure it is only fair to foist it off on future generations.

  9. jimsmuse Says:

    Wow — I totally posted that on the wrong comments page. I will leave you all to wonder what I’m up to when I’m not reading this blog…

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