birthday boy re-cap

so yesterday being cb’s day and all – it was all about him (much like normal)… he had been dying to try this vietnamese place on university in the frogtown neighborhood of saint paul called ngon.  while the joint looked promising on the outside – that particular neighborhood is not known for it’s cuisine, so i’ve been hesitant.  

boy was i wrong.

ngon (pronounced like ‘long’ but with an “n” sound) fuckin’ rocks. 

we started with an appetizer of   sweet potato shrimp croquettes – lightly breaded sweet potato and shrimp, herbs and spicy aioli.  yum.  we got 3.  i wanted 30. 

then for dinner we both went with items from their entree section – which as all fushion-y goodness.  next time we are there – we made a pact that we would go traditional. 

i had the tuna mango pasta – ahi tuna with organic frisee, pickle mango salade, green beans and angel hair pasta (served cold – a great summer dish).

cb had the scallops and broken rice. 

after dinner we rushed off to see hamlet 2 starring steve coogan, catherine keener & elisabeth shue.  a very funny little independent film that is way – way politically incorrect. 

it was a fun flick.  a good night all around.

after the movie, i dropped cb off at a 40 man gangbang (he wishes) while i went off to watch hillary unify the party (finally). 

“it was dramatic.  it was visual.  it was stupid”

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5 Comments on “birthday boy re-cap”

  1. Ray Says:

    So this is the place you text’d me from?:) Sounds good. Now, I have to get to St. Paul to try it.

  2. cb Says:

    Hesitant he says. Harumpf. I’ve been insinuating this place into restaurant conversations for a YEAR!

  3. YvesPaul Says:

    The Vietnamese place sounds wonderful, I didn’t enjoy Hamlet 2 quite as much though but I’m glad you did.

  4. Tony Says:

    Sounds like you made CB about as happy as he ever gets. Glad things went well. I won’t be able to check out Ngon, but I may try and catch Hamlet 2.

  5. libhomo Says:

    Vietnamese is my favorite cuisine. My favorite dishes are shrimp on sugar cane and summer rolls.

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