caption this


best caption wins a new mix disk of fun music i’m working on.  after you’re done being witty here, you should pop over to the above cb’s.. err.. the model’s blog and wish him a happy 29th birthday.  (don’t forget to give him a bit of a birthday spanking.  i hear he enjoys a good spanking).

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16 Comments on “caption this”

  1. Terry Says:

    “You wanna mess with ALL THIS!? Well!? Do ya?” LOL

  2. “Where’s my Sanka, bitch?”

  3. Kelly Stern Says:

    “It’s MR Coffee, Bitch!”

  4. Jeremy Says:

    “I’ve got all the creamer you’ll need for your coffee, right here!”

  5. cb Says:

    What has an 8 inch penis and points?

  6. Chris Says:

    Jump on it boy!

  7. Greg Says:

    “I made my wish, now blow me!”

  8. Donnie Says:

    What if I don’t want to make up a caption but I still want a copy of your mix disc? What must I do?

  9. libhomo Says:

    Gimme coffee or head. I don’t care which.

  10. Is that a button on the cushion or is my buttplug coming loose?

  11. Shirley! Says:

    Yo, what is up, yo? A word to your peeps and your mother…..was that right?”

  12. RG Says:

    It’s my birthday – suck my cock boy!

  13. CJ Says:

    Caffiene always gives me a piss hard on.

  14. me Says:

    it’s my birthday….now get the f’ing coffee!

  15. Mikey Garcia Says:

    “Get in mah belly!”

  16. Gooster Says:


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