obama / biden

this works for me in a big big way.  i’ve always liked senator biden.  he’s the perfect compliment to senator obama.  he has an impeccable record on international affairs.  sure i would have loved senator evan bayh, but i’m diggin’ the biden pick.

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One Comment on “obama / biden”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Biden’s record on international affairs is my biggest objection to him. Biden voted for the Iraq war; he has saber rattled with Iran; and he has tried to restart the Cold War with Russia over Georgia. The corporate media loves any politician that creates international insecurity, which creates markets for war profiteers. Lockheed Martin is a major advertiser for cable news, and GE owns NBC and the MSNBC cable network.

    On international affairs, the media lauds Biden for running his mouth, showing ignorance of other cultures, and causing trouble. I’ve read lots of progressive and liberal commentary stating that having “good foreign policy credentials” in the eyes of the pundits and the MSM means being wrong on Iraq.

    We really live in Bizarro World.

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