my life has come to this.

a youtube about living with a cat*.

yes, yes, my work life is mad busy – but, just the same.  damn.

if the video were not completely 100% spot on, (i swear the film maker channeled parker) i wouldn’t post it.

need a diversion.  a diversion that looks like this.  but since, that isn’t happening anytime soon, i’ll just unwind by watching a youtube about a cat.

join me?

*stolen from evilganome

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4 Comments on “cats.”

  1. CJ Says:

    That’s funny. Same as with my 80 lb lab. It would be a lot easier with a pussy.

  2. jimsmuse Says:

    I have been convinced for quite some time that my cat is surfing the net while I’m at work and watching all of Simon’s animations in order to get tips on how to drive me insane…

  3. Greg Says:

    That is so correct. Simon’s cat is a composite of our two, I think they must be tag teaming us.

  4. Tony Says:

    There is another episode of “Simon’s Cat” called “Let me in” that is also really funny. I love this guy.

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