my alaska

tonight, in between watching the olympics, while i was looking for a piece of music i need for an event this fall (dario-g’s ‘sunchyme‘) – i found a stack of old data disks with crap loads of old pictures i’d forgotten about – including photos from the inaugural alaska aids vaccine ride* i participated in back in 2000.

aavr was the first ever vaccine ride, a cousin to the nationwide network of aids rides that crossed the country in the 90’s – early 00’s. say what you will about the company that organized them, but the truth remains, more money was raised quicker than any charity in history for hiv/aids related causes around the country.

so, with all due respect to cb and his alaska trip, i present some of my favorite shots from my alaska journey (sorry bout the quality, this was pre-digital from the disposable era of cameras):



snow on tent! on and aids ride!!!  brrrrr

snow on tent! on and aids ride!!! brrrrr

camping on a glacier.  fun!

camping on a glacier. fun!

sunrise over camp

sunrise over camp

side note, this is the day after the above snow pic – i was wearing shorts at this point.

another sunrise.

another sunrise



(note: this was at about 11pm)

another sunset

another sunset



day 5 sunset - what can i say, it's all about the vistas/sunsets

day 5 sunset - what can i say, it's all about the vistas/sunsets

kyle with a big pipe(line)

kyle with a big pipe(line)

kyle closeup

kyle blurry closeup - i think i look best when a little blurry, don't you?

*i do not know the person who posted about the ride on this site, but there is scant information on the innagural aavr on the web.

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5 Comments on “my alaska”

  1. Greg Says:

    Awesome pics! Did you live there at the time?

  2. Jason Says:

    Hi from Paris,

    to answer your question, I use a Panasonic FX-100. I love the cameras in the Lumix range because they’re so damn easy to use (I’m not a technical kind of photographer).

    And by the way, those flies? They were round a little drop of honey!

  3. CJ Says:

    I can’t tell you how enjoyable those pics are this hot humid morning. I love heavily overcast cold days. Man those tents are awfully close together;) ;).
    I’ve always fantasized you had a huge pipe.

  4. voenixrising Says:

    Awesome pics. Sometimes we forgot that we all did have working cameras before digital came along.

    Do you have any current photos of your big pipe that you’d like to share? 🙂

  5. cb Says:

    Wow- Kyle pics from 8 years ago! I like the moonrise one

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