“pursuing other opportunities”

i don’t talk about work very often here – but every now and then you just need to vent. 

we hired this really great girl – let’s call her dorothy – last november for our  team administrator.  her two interviews were spectacular.  really, truly great interviews.  we thought we hit the motherload.  we were really excited – i thought she was great.

but really from dorothy’s first day, we began to have misgivings.  and things only went downhill from there.  lack of attention to detail.  dropping the ball here, dropping the ball there.  feedback from colleagues that she was difficult to work with, etc.  all of these things evolved until pieces of dot’s work load were slowly off loaded to me.  last week things came to a head when we discovered she hadn’t done something (which will be critical to our event this september) since april!

so of course, that on top of all the other stuff – well, suffice to say the company and dorothy have parted paths. 

and i’m massivly bummed about this.  not just cause of the additional work that will hit my desk – but because i genuinely hoped that it would work with dot.  but part of the truth was, she wasn’t right for this job.  i believe that she really thought she was.  i believe that she wanted to do good work, it just wasn’t the kind of work she was good at. 

the other part of the truth is this role, well it’s cursed.  we’ve gone through 5 people in 4 years.  i think part of it is – what we do (show and event management), well people think it’s glamorous.  and to a very small point, it is.  we get to travel and produce exciting shows.  but that is such a small part of the actual work – what we really do is live in and out of our suitcases, take taxis from airports to hotels to theaters and back again repeatedly, and spend a lot of time doing very annoying work in order to make the event spectacular.  this can mean crawling around on dirty theater floors assembling welcome bags, mind-numbing computer work creating production schedules and endless phone calls tracking down this prop or this set piece.  it certainly is not the glamorous life.  on top of that, her role wasn’t to do all of these things – it was to stay in the office and support us while we are on the road.  not very thrilling, but it’s the nature of the job.

so now we’re in the middle of our busy season, producing the biggest event we will do for the next 3 years + i’m working on a 5 city, travelling sales meeting that starts the week after our big event, and we’re down one dot.  that sucks.

and she is unemployed which sucks more.  the job just wasn’t a good fit for her.  i wish her nothing but the best and i truly hope she finds what works for her. 

i just wish it had been with us.

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4 Comments on ““pursuing other opportunities””

  1. Jeni Says:

    We have a similar position which we believe was “cursed” until we found someone a year ago who is PERFECT! And we went throught 10 people in 3 years before her. All people who we always felt would be great, but never were. Sometimes jobs are just hard to fill.

    That being said. . . .Man, I wish I lived near you (well, not really. Although my dad lives in MN, that weather you have is NOT for me), because I think that job sounds perfect for me! And I am really looking for a change!

    Good luck! I know ALL about work frustrations.

  2. Shirley! Says:

    sounds like Dorothy was a rose.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    A lack of attention to detail is my biggest peeve. I work with a bunch of stinky attorneys and there is one client whose work is extremely detail oriented. I have trained four people over the past six months to do the work, but every time I go back to proof it, there’s always an issue of really stupid, “if it were a snake, it’d bite you” mistakes. So I’ve sent them off to greener pastures and I end up doing the work myself on the weekends. Sure I make extra money, but I’m exhausted and quite frankly, zoftig from doing nothing but work.

    Sounds like you need someone who can work basically unsupervised that is extremely well organized, to the point of being anal retentive, but with a pleasant personality. They are extemely hard to find, but I hope you do. Both your job and the job of the team administrator sounds like fun. Sorry for the long comment, when I get going sometimes, I can’t stop. 😉

  4. cb Says:

    Well, after hearing all about “Dot” and also meeting Three-of-Five a couple years back, I can assure everyone that they both needed to go. Earlier than they did.

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