umm. life.takes.over.

gonna be a lil’ shakey around here for a bit of time – work is about to blow up (and my work load is about to double for a while).  just an fyi.

to keep you entertained for a bit:

a furry andy roddick

an inky-sweaty jeremy shockey

a still-sexy-after-all-these-years matt dillon


a broken-and-scruffy-yet-still-adorable shia

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7 Comments on “umm. life.takes.over.”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hands off my boy Shia! I will cut you!

  2. Um, thanks for entertaining us! 😆 I understand work. Been biting the bullet for months, and have 2 more to go! Hang in there, we’re not going anywhere.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I’d have to call him “Mr. Shockey”, but I suppose that has a hot and naughty ring to it when it’s said over and over again. Too bad his name isn’t Kyle. 😉

  4. Greg Says:

    Hope things go smoothly!

  5. CJ Says:

    Oh hell. No more bored SNP. 😦 But I understand the workload.

  6. cb Says:

    Jeremy Shockey?? I don’t think you can post pictures unless you know what team (or sport) the athlete plays for.

  7. RG Says:

    Okay, these pics are much better than the plastic Canadian Olympian.

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