mark ronson is a god.

mark ronson @ lollapalooza
mark ronson @ lollapalooza

(click to embiggan – its so much better big)

mark ronson & co played lollapalooza today – the last show of their tour.  i would have loved to had been there. 

he had this to say on his myspace page: “all of you are f***king wondrous.

i can’t believe the love that we’ve been shown over the past sixteen or so months. if i never play another note of guitar on stage after this sunday, i could die happy with a million memories. all the crew, musicians and singers that came on the road with us, you’re lovely. and most of all, all of you that came to see us play, i hope we left you elated and elevated in some form or another.”

classy man that mark ronson.  if you haven’t heard his album “version” – click below for 4 tracks.  then go buy it.  it’s fucking classic.  

mark ronson & amy winehouse (who doesn’t appear because, well, she’s tragic… but the vid still rocks) do valarie.  original version by the zutons.

mark ronson & alex greenwald (phantom planet) do just.  original version by radiohead

mark ronson & lily allen do oh my god.  original version by kaiser chiefs

mark ronson & daniel merriweather (fuckin’ great voice) do stop me.  original version by the smiths

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2 Comments on “mark ronson is a god.”

  1. Wondermann Says:

    Amy needs help, hopefully mark can help her, or someone else

  2. Mark Ronson’s 6 Mix for BBC Radio was amazing, as well… so is his show, Authentic Shit. Also: HAWT.

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