1 year later

thinkin’ a lot about the folks that died or got hurt when the bridge fell 1 year ago today (@ 6:05pm)….  doesn’t seem like much as has changed – bridges are still falling apart, the politicians are still arguing.  business as usual it seems.

the bridge then
the bridge then











while driving home tonight i was listening to mpr (like usual) – was actually getting choked up at the stories.  like this story of a mother and son who ran towards the bridge when it fell, and worked for the next 12 hours to help the children off the school bus, get water and ice to the victims and the emergency personell.  it was a humbling and harrowing story.  you can listen to it here.

but i was left with a few questions, did they die in vane?  will the infrastructure in america ever get fixed?   seems like it’s just business as usual.

the bridge today - one month from being finished
the bridge today – one month from being finished

mood: somber.

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4 Comments on “1 year later”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Why should we pay to maintain bridges at home when we can spend all the money on a glorious war in Iraq?

  2. 42 Says:

    Fucking hell. We’ve got one that’s about to crumble into the Charles River from rust but all I ever hear is “oh it’s safe, we’re working on it”. Disinfrastructure: I has it.

    Oh and you’ll like this: http://is.gd/1cHg

    Typical fail-upwards GOP douchebaggery.

  3. Wondermann Says:

    That was a scary moment

  4. CJ Says:

    A Sad time for your city. I know the city will be glad when the new one opens after they have developed alternative routes. Good looking city for a good looking guy.

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