new header “exit through you”

this one is titled “exit through you (click here to get find an audio sample)” and features a lyric from the peter gabriel / joseph arthur / big blue ball track of the same name: “it feels like rigor mortis, but it tastes like bubble gum“.  i take this to be about love.  ahh love.  or lust.  or fuck, pick an emotion – any emotion.  sometimes they can be confining and claustrophobic as hell, but oh – oh, they taste good in the moment don’t they?   the eternal dichotomy.

now, don’t get all excited and think that i’ve found love, or lust.  i haven’t.  i was just struck by the truth in the lyric.

the photograph was actually taken yesterday.  it’s a detail of a pic taken at the marjorie mcneely conservatory here at como zoo.  note the orange koi in the upper corner.  it was feeding time.   i imagine love is a lot like what a fish feels out of water.  suffocating hell.  <grin>

here’s the full pic:

exit through you or... suffocating love.

exit through you or... suffocating love.

(click to embiggan)

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One Comment on “new header “exit through you””

  1. Jason Says:

    love=suffocating hell?
    you always have a way with words 😉

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