twitterpated / the review / big brother 10 / retro sexiness

yup – as always, i’m late to the game, but that doesn’t mean the party is over.  i’ve joined the world of twitter – landry aka pissy rabbits, responded this way upon hearing the news “woooooo FINALLY!!!”.  yes, indeed.  finally.  (well to be honest, i’m just tryin’ out to see if i like it… so we will see how it goes)

you can find me on twitter at madhouse6 (click the twitter logo for a direct link to my profile).

in other news, the aforementioned review went really well – i got the max increase (which isn’t saying much, but it is saying something) and am on track for a promotion next year.  bout friggan time.

in even more other news; i’m addicted to big brother again.  ugg.  i hate/love/loath this show.  these people are insane.  would someone please get libra and jesse out of the house.  at any cost.  they are horrid peep’s and terrible game players. 

in gifts-for-kyle news,  as detailed on cb’s blog – we went watch shopping this weekend.  here’s my lil’ treasure:

just a bundle of retro sexiness wouldn’t you say?  big thanks to cb.

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7 Comments on “twitterpated / the review / big brother 10 / retro sexiness”

  1. Jeni Says:

    ooooo! I LOVE that watch. Fantastic!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I’m right there with you on Big Brother. Jesse and Libra are the worst! Damnit, but one of them will probably win.

    Great news on the review and that’s an awesome watch!

  3. Christopher Says:

    Lusting the watch!

  4. chuck Says:

    don’t watch tv, so i have no idea what big brother is even about. none. what. so. ever.

    that watch? holy shit, i’m drooling over that! it reminds me of the first digital watch i EVER got and how frickin’ excited i was about it. must find it. now. i bought two cuff watches (both fossil) within the past few months. but that one? MUST HAVE! SCORE!

  5. cb Says:

    See, I SAID it was better than my watch!

  6. chuck Says:

    ok, i have looked on these internets for that watch and cannot find it!
    do you have a model number and/or name for it?
    gotta. have. it.

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