where the hell is matt?

huge hat tip to cb for finding this – it’s a singularly powerful video.  i will figure out how to use this video in an event sometime. 

in a world overrun by hate, violence, war and poverty – its amazing what the power of humanity can do.  imagine if everyone, everywhere stopped and danced for five minutes. 

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10 Comments on “where the hell is matt?”

  1. bigisland20 Says:

    after someone posted this on their blog awhile back, i shared it with everyone at my office. i still get chicken skin when he is dancing in india (?) with all the women and they all do the same moves at the same time. i cannot help but smile everytime i watch this!

  2. Tony Says:

    I’ve seen this on a number of blogs now. I have to admit, he does bring a smile to the face.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I love that this video is making the rounds again.

    Every time I watch it, the tears just start flowing. So incredibly inspiring and moving.

  4. voenixrising Says:

    If everyone stopped and danced for 5 minutes we’d all be in a little better shape – physically and emotionally.

  5. scoot (YAZ ROCKED!) Says:

    assuming this is the ‘where the hell is matt 2008’ video, the vocalist is from the twin cities. can’t recall her name – but the story was in the star-trib within the last few weeks.

  6. cb Says:

    If this video has been making the rounds– I sure as heck hadn’t seen it until very recently.

    And I, too, get a huge smile during the Indian sequence. And the soweto makes me tear up.

  7. cb Says:

    And the christmas island with the crabs walking just fascinates me to no end.

  8. Jason Says:

    Awesome video.

    At first, when you asked, “Where’s Matt?”, I was thinking this was going to be a Matt Lauer video…

    Thanks for the find, it made my day.

  9. Scoot (i'll say it again - YAZ rocked!) Says:

    found the article:


  10. CJ Says:

    I remember the talk about it on the Today show but had forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing. It makes me smile and gives me the travel bug.

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