“your life is my sport”

fuck. yea.

the real video.  finally released.  the full track.  better than i could have hoped.  this is what music in the 21st century should sound like.  raw.  liquid.  hard.  wet.  sleek. 

grace.fucking.jones.  corporate cannibal:

((side note, who is singing backing?  she’s the perfect counterpoint to grace’s venom))

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7 Comments on ““your life is my sport””

  1. timo Says:

    it’s Killer. vastly better than I expected. and yes, it’s very massive attack mid-90’s. is that a problem?

  2. erik Says:

    I was going to put this into a background tab and listen to it as I continued browsing– but I just couldn’t. Seriously cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. chuck Says:

    that video was seriously fucking weird.
    couldn’t make it thru the song. eh, lately i’m stuck in some sort of poppy 80’s beat or something. well, there’s worse things i guess 🙂

  4. Ray Says:

    It is very beautiful and sinister. She’s good at pushing buttons – still. That’s her career and MO. Glad for it though – the effect is worth the outcome.

    Very cool.

  5. jeff Says:

    Perfect. Great comeback.

  6. J James Says:

    I’ve long had a bizarre fixation with Grace Jones…and it has nothing to do with her music. I’m just obsessed.

  7. voenixrising Says:

    I think I just came.

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