new music tuesday; big blue ball

music truly transcendends language.  nothing quite does it as well.  sure, ya, math does it – but math doens’t move you.  music can move you in a way that’s unexpected and surprising.

that’s one of the reasons i love peter gabriels ‘real world records’ so much.  his record label finds musicans from all over the globe, puts ’em in a room together, presses record and waits to see what happens. 

every summer, peter invites players, singers, poets and producers to his studios in the english countryside for what’s called “real world recording weeks”.  everyone just mixes it up and it’s one big creative orgy of sound.

big blue ball is the latest record to come out of that environment.  recorded over a few years in the early 90’s, and then mixed over another 10 or so years, the album is quite stunning.  it has everything from “traditional” pop/rock-n-roll to arabic and african groves mixed with asian melodies.  high points for me include the songs whole thing, habibe (amazing, slinky, sexy arabic number featuring natacha atlas), burn you up, burn you down (now the 3rd version of this song i own, may be my favorite too – it’s hard, and edgy) and jijy (world beat hip hop! who knew?) and exit through you (it’s a perfect mix of east and west).  

go here for samples of all of the songs

musicians featured include:

  • peter gabriel
  • karl wallinger (of world party and the waterboys)
  • geoffrey oryema
  • hossam ramzy
  • hukwe zawose
  • larla o lionaird
  • jah wobble
  • joseph arthur
  • jules shear
  • manu katche
  • natacha atlas
  • papa wembe
  • sinead o’connor
  • stephen hague
  • tchad blake
  • tim finn
  • vernon reid
  • wendy melvoin
  • and many many more

peter and karl talking about the project:

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4 Comments on “new music tuesday; big blue ball”

  1. cb Says:

    I do like the one that you played me

  2. jeff Says:

    I just saw a handsome vinyl version of this at Electric Fetus. Looks like a really interesting album.

  3. […] through you (click here to get find an audio sample)” and features a lyric from the peter gabriel / joseph arthur / big blue ball track of the same name: “it feels like rigor mortis, but it tastes like bubble gum“.  […]

  4. […] – bookmarked by 6 members originally found by funkymcfunk on 2008-12-18 new music tuesday; big blue ball – bookmarked by 4 members originally found by […]

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