ghosts of boyfriends past

so after wor today i popped over to my friend scott’s place to pick up a ladder so i could fix my chandalier – i pulled up to my building and started to get the ladder out of my car when i heard a voice behind me say something to the effect of “hey, i know you”.  i turned around and there was ron – a guy i dated back in 96/97.  wow.  talk about a ghost from the past.

ron actually found me a few months ago – i wrote about it here.  turns out he works in the neighborhood (interestingly enough, he lived in this neighborhood when we dated) and was just coming back from a drink with his co-workers.  what a small world, eh?

we had the nicest chat.  stood on the curb and talked for about 45 minutes.  it was great to reconnect.  i’ve never been one to be friends with my ex’s and ron and i have not talked more than a cursory email in these past 11 years, but it was so cool to catch up with him.

i was genuienly happy to hear about his partner and their son jake (who’s about the cutest damn kid i’ve seen in a long time). 

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One Comment on “ghosts of boyfriends past”

  1. cb Says:

    I think you need to move. Immediately. I wouldn’t want you running into this “Ron” occasionally now and thus ruin your perfectly good streak of completely writing off your exes!!!


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