the “gimme 5” meme – i’ve been tagged

the clever fool has tagged me for the “gimme 5” meme that’s makin’ the circuit.  here goes:

1. share 5 unknown facts about yourself.
2. pay it forward! link 5 more bloggers and include their names in your post.
3. leave them a comment on their blog and let them know that they’ve been tagged.

here’s my 5:

1. i have this very uncanny ability/habit of looking at a clock/digital timing device (e.g. cd player, stop watch, kitchen timer) at exactly 2:27.  the reason this is significant? i was born on 2.27.
2. helen reddy’s “i am woman” is a kick ass tune that i love.
3. one of my biggest fears is dying alone.  that or in a car crash.
4. i completely believe in life on other planets.  there is no way we are the only thing out there.
5. i have some pretty big “dad” issues that no-doubt play a part in how i relate to guys.  my biological father denied that i was his and my adoptive father abandonded me when i was about 12.  no wonder i’m single and screwed up.  ha!  lol.

for part 2, I’m going tag:

  1. jasontt
  2. forty two
  3. dulce y peligroso
  4. famous like me
  5. sort of blog


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4 Comments on “the “gimme 5” meme – i’ve been tagged”

  1. timo Says:

    I want to hear you singing…no, Roaring…”I am strong, I am invincible, I am Woman!” Please?

  2. Tony Says:

    I’m more about plane crashes myself. Helen Reddy? Really? I can hardly wait to hear what RG spills.

  3. RG Says:

    You suck for tagging me. I’ll get you my pretty, and your little beard too!

  4. YvesPaul Says:

    A hot guy like you shouldn’t be single. 🙂

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