just a simple message about pride this year.

the elections this year are about transition. the “change” we keep hearing about can easily go one of two different directions.

it’s more critical than ever for glbt citizens (and our supporters, friends and families) to get involved in changing the direction of our country in every facet. it’s time for us to stand up and fight the hypocrisy that occurs every day in the united states.

i’m proud to be a gay man.

i’m proud to be an american citizen.

these are not mutually exclusive ideas.

it’s time to make a change. its time to fight for the change you want to see in the world.

the below video is directed at those who believe in equality, but haven’t made up their mind yet. and to those clinton supporters who are planning on voting for mccain instead of obama because of their wounded ego’s at loosing the primary.

ok, enough of the politics.

now for something more beefy and more inked – just for fun 🙂 (i have no idea whats going on in this pic, but he’s hot so what the hell).

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