so apparently i’m ……

ugly.  who knew?

i recieved an interesting comment today on my most recent “boredom begets self portraits” post.

“Your tattoos are ugly and so are you -(
This make sad.
Perhaps if your face wasn’t so fat and didn’t look like it was about to explode, you might look a slight bit better.
Can’t figure out why someone like you would want to draw attention to themselves by getting tattoos.
What’s funny is, the pictures of the other tattoo’d guys on here compared to your pictures. LOL.”

now, a couple of things – my initial thought was something akin to “well, i knew i wasn’t that great, but didn’t think i was that bad” then “ok, crash diet and i must bike 40 miles a day” to “who the fuck does this wanker think he/she is”

i’m pretty honest on this blog – i’m far from perfect, but i’m guessing so are most of my readers.  perfection doesn’t really interest me all that much – cause frankly, it doesn’t fucking exist.   do i have a great body?  nope.  is my face kinda round?  yup (which by the way, there is zero i can do about that – even when i was smaller – i had a round face).  i’m a big guy – even if i worked out constantly – i will always be a big guy.  it has to do with genetics.  

let me say this – it takes balls to put yourself out there for all the world to see.  it takes balls to admit your flaws.  it also takes balls to stand behind something you say.  the above wanker decided to post anonymously.  hiding behind the internet to say something that’s pretty fucking cruel.  the only thing i can see is his/her ip address.  it’s a qwest address from denver – which doesn’t mean shit.  this tool could be local and just routed through qwests denver office.  nice thing about wordpress tho’ is that it requires everyone to post an email address.  if i were a lesser man, i’d post the wanker’s address right here for all the world to see/spam*.  but i’m not that kind of person (never mind that it probably is fake). 

cb had this to say about the whole thing “…Its just some ‘hater’ out there all snipey and swooping in.  Look at it this way, your blog is big enough now  to have gotten you a ‘hatah’.”  so perhaps i should feel honored?

at the end of the day i know this to be true:

a) i’m a better man than that person will ever be.  i genuinely try to lift people up and do/say good things – the wanker obviously is just about feeling better about their pathetic life by ripping other people down.

b) what they said about my tattoos – fuck off.  my ink is better then pretty much every other guy i post on my blog. 

c) to paraphrase an old bumper sticker says “i may be fat, but i can diet – you’ll always be a fuckin’ tool”

so, why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we all can judge you on your flaws as well.

*ok, i guess just this once i am a lesser man.  ha!  wanker.

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28 Comments on “so apparently i’m ……”

  1. Donnie Says:

    Some assholes have way too much time on their hands, huh? You’re beautiful and your tattoos are, too. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

  2. jeff Says:

    “Wanker” is right. Holy shit. Posting stuff like this anonymously on people’s blogs is so cowardly, and all it does is show the insecurities of the person posting it. The dude probably looks like Tiny Tim (the singer, not the Dickens character) and does shit like this to make himself feel better about being such a loser. What a dick. Oh, and nice email addy – Billy Ray Cyrus? Loser.

  3. Brian Says:

    A. You aren’t ugly. You are fine the way you are.

    B. Billy Ray Cyrus can go fuck himself.

  4. chuck Says:

    yea, i was wondering why billy ray cyrus had an aol account, too…AND was checking out your blog.

    i’m betting that account “no longer exists”.


    i honestly believe some people…in fact, a LOT more people than i would care to know, think they are being funny/cool/badass by signing online onto people’s blogs and onto chat sites and hiding behind their computers, typing anything they want because their is no consequence. they can get out their aggressions.

    you just have to remind yourself, for a lot of the part, this whole internet thing is NOT real life. yea, some of it is. but a lot of it is not. and i’m sure you know that, but when people pull stupid pranks like that, it sucks.

  5. chuck Says:

    ps i find it funny that now my related searches on my name are for:
    – big island
    – leis
    – chickens
    – canoe
    – iphone

    i think that pretty much sums up my life 🙂

  6. moby Says:

    Bitterness is an ugly emotion. Often times those miserable inside strive to make others miserable.

    The fact said person actually sent you something so nasty just shows how truly insecure and self-loathing he/she is. The comment is so obviously a vain attempt to distract the person from their own misery by trying to inflict it on others.

    You should feel pity not anger.

  7. Chris Says:

    Hot is in the eye of the beholder man and you’ve got it in spades. Consider the source, assholes on line – nothing ever changes with those types of people.

  8. Kelly Stern Says:

    I agree with you on the fact that many of us put ourselves and our lives out there for anyone in the world to see. That takes balls. Our stories and our lives do effect people. Something we experience helps someone, somewhere else in the world. I agree with Moby, you should feel pity and not anger towards billy ray cyrus… and I hope he gets slammed with bad emails… and I think you should post more pics!! smooches cutie!

  9. J James Says:

    It’s always disheartening when you get negative feedback/reaction to your blog.

    Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter…because you ARE hot…and super cute/cuddly.


  10. J James Says:

    Sadly, he seems to have already terminated the AOL e-mail address he was using.

  11. Sally Tomato Says:

    *sigh* I speak from experience when I say there’s an entire subculture of these nutjobs making rude comments on people’s blogs just to be assholes. I have a theory that it stems from they themselves not being quite clever enough to have their own blog, so they basically go around and rip on everyone elses. It’s not far from being in second grade and calling the smart kid in class “poopyhead”. You’re lucky in that the person didn’t just leave an anonymous comment – they actually left an email. Which speaks to not so much their cowardliness but their IQ. So I’d just ignore it and let them go on living their sad little lives.

  12. Jason Says:

    I swear it wasn’t me!

    Join the club. Like CB said, the longer you blog you’re bound to get some tool making dumb comments. I just laugh at them and then delete their ass from digital existence when I get shit like that.

    P.S. You know you’re sexy fine 😉

  13. YvesPaul Says:

    There are people out there who leave mean comments just to attract attention because they didn’t get enough love and hugs from Mom and Dad.

    You can’t be attractive to everyone, and in this case it’s better that you don’t. I mean, who wants some insecure, obnoxious snot-nose little asshole to think you’re hot?

    Pay him no mind, there will always be people like him.

    And you know what? You’re hot in my book.

  14. Jeni Says:

    I am right there with CB-all it means is you are popular enough to have attaracted a hater. Any blog with any kind of readership has problems with internet trolls. That’s why the internet has a delete button.

    Since this is your first experience with it, I can understand having your feelings hurt a bit-and no matter what, anytime someone leaves a comment like that it can sting a bit-but next time, just delete the comment and say “fuck you and goodbye!”.

    And look, for the 1 ugly comment, you get 15+ comments from people who totally love and respect you. That’s a pretty good ratio, I think 🙂

  15. Jeremy Says:


    I’d give both nuts for a hot guy like you.

    The negative comments is pretty much why I don’t have a blog. I couldn’t take it.

  16. Dave Says:

    Yeah. What they said. And I’m so glad you’re still letting the beard grow.

  17. dit Says:

    Whoever left that on your blog is just rude. You look great and you have a grewat blog. At least I think so. Keep it up and try and not allow rude tools and or their comments keep you from it. 😎

  18. Tony Says:

    As you know, I think you’re adorable, Kyle. Plus I love your ink. And “Billy Ray” is a stupid buttwad and so you should just give him the flush and move on. I love your blog and I’m glad I found it.

    I agree with CB, you have to have developed a readership to get the hater nutjobs. Keep on posting toots.

  19. RG Says:

    Fuck ’em. He’s a jerk. He wouldn’t know ugly at a Radcliffe mixer.

    You’re a fine, handsome hunk of a man, with some sexy, sexy ink.

    Hold my purse, I’m going to fuck this one up.

  20. Erik Says:

    If we can track down said wanker, I know this tattoo artist who would LOVE to give him a really bad tattoo! On his forehead. “I’M A WANKER” on it.

    I love your ink, buddy! Keep up the great work!

  21. JT Says:

    Just, wow. It’s tough sharing the world with so many simple minded folk.

  22. Matt Says:

    Holy crap. Why do people do that? Oh, yeah … because they’re cyber-jerkers who get off on the “power” of making people feel like they’re as lowlife as THEY are. Wanker, indeed.

    You’re a handsome man. Accept it. 🙂

  23. voenixrising Says:

    I can’t add anything to what has already been written other than to say, just be glad no one’s sent you rotting meat in the mail yet…

  24. cb Says:

    Plus, did it ever occur to you that the person chose the name of a mulletted one-hit wonder for his anonymous-ness?

    The best thing Mr. Cyrus ever did was spurt out Mylie so that she could make him money.

  25. Ray Says:

    It takes courage to be a human being sweetheart. Even when you realize not everyone believes in the true beauty of a human.

  26. libhomo Says:

    “Ugly” and “handsome” are completely subjective. Every man is thought of as both by different people. It just isn’t worth worrying about.

  27. […] – look who popped back on the blog. remember the fuckwad who insulted me under the anonymity of the internet?  – looks like the tool is back at it again (and if not the same guy – then someone who sounds an […]

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