bearforce1; shake that thing

ok, it took me a while, but i’m finally jumping on the bearforce1 band wagon.  well maybe jumping on is the wrong phrase, but i finally kinda sorta dig one of their songs.  ‘shake that thing’ is their new track and it’s way retro – and the video is way camp.  but it’s fun.

p.s., i’ll be unavailable until sometime sunday night.  hope ya’ll have a good weekend.

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3 Comments on “bearforce1; shake that thing”

  1. J James Says:

    No, sorry…I’m still not on that band wagon. *shudder*

  2. libhomo Says:

    The music is good, though the guys are as unsexy as Justin Timberlake.

  3. bigisland20 Says:

    i’m surprised you like this!

    i’m surprised *i* liked it, but i did.

    guilty pleasure.

    (but someone *does* need to teach these guys some sense of rhythm or how to dance. damn.)

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