president putin, of germany. who knew?

remember that episode of m.a.s.h., the one where harry morgan guest starred (before he was brought on as col. potter) as loony general steele? 

this video of john mccain makes general steele seem lucid.  everytime i watch mccain lately, i just think of morgan’s steele.  a daft old idiot.


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2 Comments on “president putin, of germany. who knew?”

  1. J James Says:

    I love the mock outrage today from the McCain camp that has erupted since Senator Obama announced he’d opt out of using tax payer funds to finance his general election campaign.

    They announced that this was evidence that Obama is just a ‘typical politician.’

    Yeah…because being the first modern Presidential candidate to opt out of public financing is so….typical.

    Geesh. The McCain campaign is becoming more and more pathetic by the day. I think they’ll eventually start picking up sympathy swing votes from people who just don’t want to see the ‘ol guy crushed in November.

  2. RG Says:

    And what’s up with the muscle spasms in his left eye? Have you seen those. And the creepy fake smile. I’m sorry, he just makes my skin crawl – seriously icky.

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